Student Environment

Welcome to Steyn City School. An environment where your children learn to question, to probe, to analyse, and to explore. To understand that the best way to keep their footing in shifting sands is by constantly moving forward. An environment where their first glimpse of tomorrow makes them hungry to do and achieve more.

An arena for

We take pride in presenting what we believe to be one of Johannesburg's most beautiful campuses. With sweeping views and well-appointed classrooms, our very setting has been designed to excite and inspire.

The layout of each classroom contributes to this dynamic, vibrant atmosphere. Rooms are large and spacious, making for a comfortable and conducive space, with modern built-in storage facilities and fittings chosen specifically to reduce distractions and invite focus. The most noteworthy feature of each class is the veranda which transforms these from cellular rooms by opening them to the external environment. Each veranda is screened off, so that neighbouring classrooms remain closed to each other.

Like the classrooms, the media centre boasts its own veranda. Inside, students will find a quiet space where readers are welcomed: we've even installed wall pods where children can take refuge with their favourite books.

South Africa's dearth of scientists is long lamented, and has resulted in schools striving to increase participation in STEM subjects. We have answered the challenge by establishing our own science laboratory. On the other side of the spectrum, we believe that the arts will always speak to the soul of a society; hence the inclusion of dedicated art and music rooms as part of our offering.

Concerts and other functions are held in the school hall, which features a well-equipped backstage area. The Early Years Centre has its own hall, allowing it to function as a completely separate entity.

Because a full stomach is as critical to learning as an engaged brain, we offer fresh, hot meals in our canteen. Snacks are also available at the tuckshop.

Steyn City School is served by an administrative block which includes teachers' offices, a meeting room for parents, a school shop, sick bays and staff rooms.


Sport and Recreation

Our view is that sport is more than an after-school activity. The sports field is where many children learn about fair competition, handling strong emotions, self-discipline and collaborating with others as a team, all while honing fine and gross skills and developing physical strength. In addition, students will be introduced to a variety of lifestyle sports that will remain with them once they enter the world of work. They will take full advantage of the facilities in the Steyn City Parkland and will include trail-running, mountain-biking, golf and equestrian pursuits. Performance in the classroom is directly linked to performance on the sports field, as children with strong core muscles are less likely to experience fatigue and can therefore concentrate for longer periods.

Steyn City School stretches your child's athletic abilities with a six-lane athletic track, two soccer and rugby fields, two cricket pitches and cricket nets. Three multi-courts may be converted to playing grounds for tennis and netball. Spectators are accommodated in two covered and one open air grandstands, and a pavilion and change rooms.

We are especially proud of our aquatic centre, featuring a 25m heated pool which will serve as a short course pool for water polo matches, as well as a smaller state-of-the-art 'learn-to-swim' pool. Covered, tiered grandstands provide shade for spectators during galas, while the centre features additional amenities like a tuckshop and change rooms. A biometric security system ensures the safety of pool users at all times.

Our sporting programme is expansive and varied, and is overseen by a sports director

Get moving

If you've ever marvelled at your child's energy, consider that movement is critical to their development. Here's why:

  • When kids move, the blood carrying nutrients and oxygen to the brain increases.
  • Thoughts may seem entirely cerebral, but are actually rooted in movement - that's why we move our hands when we speak. This means that you can't learn properly if you don't keep moving.
  • Movement helps to refine both fine and gross motor skills.


Steyn City

There's no doubt that Steyn City's infrastructure and facilities have contributed to its status as one of the most sought after addresses in the country. After all, when Giuseppe Plumari envisaged the residence, it was as a place that would provide everything a family could possibly desire to live a fulfilled life.

As such, security was one of his first considerations. Plumari maintains that living with absolute peace of mind is the greatest freedom, which is why millions have been invested in a security system which includes electrified perimeter fencing, CCTV surveillance, and technology to detect perimeter intrusions. All of this is managed from a high spec security nerve centre. Added to this, stringent access control measures, including biometric and number plate recognition systems, have been introduced at all entry points.

Steyn City's list of amenities addresses all aspects of life and leisure. For the gourmet, there's XIX Restaurant, managed by The Saxon. For those on the run, the Deli provides convenient, healthy meals.

Fitness fanatics are able to exercise outdoors at specially designated nodes, or jog or cycle along 15km of track meandering through the estate's green belts. There are also a number of horse trails, while an equestrian centre provides facilities of an Olympic standard. Golfers may relax with a drink at the award-wining clubhouse after a round on the Jack Nicklaus-designed course. Tennis courts and swimming pools are other options for the active. Children, meanwhile, are also coaxed outdoors with well-equipped play nodes and a skate park. Staying true to Plumari's vision of a mixed-use development, a corporate campus is also planned.

Significant thought has been given to the needs of parents of children attending Steyn City Preparatory and College. A retail node has been developed alongside the school, so that busy moms and dads can shop for groceries or pick up a forgotten essential before they finish the school run. Within this development, you'll also find a medical wing housing doctors, dentists and other key services. Added to this, a family restaurant makes an ideal venue for grabbing a meal with the kids or celebrating a special occasion while on campus.

We're fortunate to be located alongside one of South Africa's best equipped lifestyle resorts. This means that our students have access to a uniquely broad array of sporting facilities outside the school grounds, including an 18-hole, Jack Nicklaus-designed championship golf course, an Olympic class equestrian centre, kilometres of running trails, and cycling tracks.

Although it has been just two years since Steyn City was launched to the public, the lifestyle resort has already claimed its place amongst the top four lifestyle estates in South Africa.